Cannot write texts in editor

Hello There,

I wanted to write some text in the adalo editor, until a strange issue occured - I am not able to write more than one line of text. If I continue writing, alle the new written letters gets deleted. If I do this again and again, there will appear a “An error occured” label on the left side of the screen. Never had that before, maybe a new bug?

Would appreciate some responses :slight_smile:
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Can you share screenshots or video recording of this? Sometimes when connection to Adalo servers is weak or intermittent, I get behavior in text input that resembles this in the editor.

I have been facing the same issue since the start. This happens when you write text in the text field inside the editor. A workaround I use is if the text is long. Just write in the note pad and copy/paste in the editor. :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for your response. I found out what the problem was/is. This issue appears only on firefox browser

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