An application with a catalog of objects

I have an application with a catalog of objects. The catalog is large, even if it is heavily categorized, in the smallest sub-item it will take up several scrolling screens.
I go into the catalog object, go back - and get to the top of the screen with the list. This is very uncomfortable.
Can I make it so that when I go back, not the beginning of the list, but the object I came back from, would be at the top of the screen? In the scroll position where it is in the sorting.

Hi @AMgame ,

At the moment, scroll position is not saved, so when we go to another screen and came back, we are shown at the top screen.

The workaround is using limit in filtering, acting like paging, but we need additional numbers field, can be called id or sequence.

The list is filtered with this id field for only enough items that does not make the screen to scroll, let’s say only 12 items.

The filter would look something like, id >= begin, another filter, id <=end, where begin and end can be updated as 1 and 12 before showing the list, and then updated by next or previous buttons.

And then have buttons to change the filter to the next page, which is the next 12 items.