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Hello. I have a list of users, let’s say there are 100 of them. Each user is assigned a specific numeric value that may or may not match. This number may change over time. The list is sorted by this numeric value from highest to lowest. Let’s assume the current user has a value of 1, and everyone else has a numeric value greater than that. To see himself in the list, the user must scroll to the very end of the list. Is it possible to make it so that the user does not have to scroll and search for himself and he always sees himself on the screen no matter how many users are in front of him and after him?

Hi @AndrewV ,

In the list exclude the current logged in user by using not equal to.

At the top of screen, show logged in user fields.


Thanks for the answer. It looks like you didn’t understand my question. I’ll try to explain again.

I have a quiz and each user scores points for correct answers. The user should be able to see how many points he has scored and what position he is in relative to other players in the general list. This list of users is sorted from highest to lowest user points. When the user enters the list screen, he sees only the first five or six positions. But if the user occupies, for example, 2056 place in this list, then in order to find his name in the list, he needs to scroll down for a very long time.

I want the user to immediately see himself in this list, without scrolling. At the same time, it should be one list, not two - separately for the logged-in user and separately for the rest.

Then you will need additional collection that are separated based on your UI, place them below each other.

It seems that you already know the logic of the list, so we should follow the rules of the list, if we want another filter/sort/index reference, we might create another list for that.

It would be better if you write your post in paragraphs and separated by carriage return or new line, that would make others can read in much better way, it is the same principle of helping others to help you.

Apparently this problem cannot be solved. Unfortunately, your answer has nothing to do with the problem at hand.

The only solution that I see is to create for example 5 lists, each of which will have only one line. The middle list (#3 in this example) will display the name and points of the logged in user. List #2 (immediately above list #3) will display a user with a score equal to the current user’s score +1, list #1 a user with a score equal to the current user’s score +2. Accordingly, the lists below the list with the name of the current user will contain a user name with a number of points equal to the number of points of the current user -1 (list #4) and equal to the number of points of the current user -2 (list #5).

But this solution does not work well when several users have the same number of points. Perhaps it is worth adding one more numeric property for the user - a place in the rating.


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But I will guess that you want to think that this unfortunate argument is recommended to you that has nothing to do with what you want.

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