Homepage CRASH - white screen... anyone have had the same problem?

Hi everyone! I’ve seen that other users have had about the similar problem of loading white screens.

I will explain the situation hoping that someone can help me:

I created an app (which you can see in the screen below) and the homepage doesn’t work. Only the homepage screen. I tried to delete and recreate it from 0 and still loads it white (see second screenshot). Until yesterday it worked normally then all of a sudden it stopped working.

I tried to set all the other pages as the home screen and none have any problems, I can navigate through all the pages except that one in the app preview. Even from the phone the app charge this page completely white

Would anyone be able to help me? Thank you in advance!

Hey sorry this is happening - do you have a home screen or welcome screen assigned? Sometimes this can happen when either the logged in user is stuck in limbo or their data is not available. You can also try access the app through the Share link in a private window or different browser to see if it is a caching issue.

Yes I have the welcome page and even the homepage assigned. The problem is that if I assign the homepage role to any other page it will charge correctly. Seem that the problem is this specific page (I don’t know why it is very simple and with no complex actions or datas… only background pic, a button for logout in the topbar and the bottom navigation bar.) Which screenshot do you need to can understand what is happening?

Thanks a lot! @pford

Hey it appears this may be a result of some code changes actually - the team is looking into the issue now!

Ok and this changes could be affected only this specific page? I only have to wait to see if the result of a code change? If I can be helpful sharing something in particular, since i’ve seen in the facebook group multiple adalo users are facing with this problem, don’t exhitate to ask! I will be glad to help

Hey actually this should be fixed now, please check.

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Thank you so much! Its working

Now a problem of responsive_ in the phone the proportions and position of components are wrong

I attach the screenshot of My phone (iphone 13)

The screen of the web preview:
![Screenshot (
Seem that in the real phone the bottom bar is too bottom

Yes this is actually resolved in the actual iOS build. Only in preview does it do this. Try pushing a Testflight build.

What do you mean exactly? That once that the app will be pubblished this error will be fixed?

P.s. in the desktop preview is correct, are you considering even the “app” in my iphone as a preview because isnt pubblished in a store?

Yes that’s correct. Not sure why the phone preview is different really, but if you publish a build the bar will be in the correct place. A PWA is really just a bookmarked webpage running on Safari.

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