Android Not Building

Got up early because it’s usually the best time to publish an update, it’s been 6 hours. Still stuck in queue. Even tried another one and still stuck.

Would be nice to be able to cancel others stuck in queue so there doesnt become a huge backlog from others doing the same.


10 hours later, and still not building. what’s up? this is starting to become a serious problem.


We have had the same issue. iOS builds not building and builds being queued for hours… I’m new to adalo, but for hot fixes and updates to apps this is far from ideal…

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About 14 hours later, one finally built. Support said they had a backlog. It would be nice if their build servers also auto-scaled.

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I’m getting Android Builds with counting down as some users reported:

Refreshing the page doesn’t help

Unfortunately this happens to me regularly so I just have to submit for another build and keep doing so until it works correctly.

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Thanks will try that!

Thanks that worked for that app

But another app doesn’t have the countdown issue, the builds are just “queued” - even if I refresh and start another build

Any ideas for this?

This normally means there is a backlog but sometimes it can go overnight. If it is the same the next day or after a fair few hours I would just do another build.

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Thanks @crmorris2 !
Will try that

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That seems to have worked … wahoo :slight_smile:

I’m guessing there needs to be more controls on that / cancelling etc so we don’t clog the backlogs. But am sure it’s coming.

Thanks for the help!

Yes, it would be good in the interim if they could offer a simple cancel button.

Glad you got the build going :+1:

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