Won't build app

I’ve been trying to complete the build for my update. I clicked publish (under IOS) and it just says that the build is queued, however, it’s been queued for over an hour. Usually it starts the fifteen minute countdown right away. Can someone help me?

I have tried chrome and safari browsers and deleted cookies.

Hi Kelcey,

This usually happens because the build servers are being backed up. At this time, it looks like builds are taking longer than usual. It should start building soon. (the usual time is like 1 min)

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Wonderful, thanks again for your help. Also, your cloneable app you sent last night helped a ton, thanks!

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My build is also queued for hours now

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Yeah, the build servers must be backed up. Ive been in queue for 4 hours at this point :slight_smile:

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That’s good to know, thanks guys! Still queued for me too

FYI I just checked, my build finished 8 minutes ago.

Mine is still queued :frowning:

Anyone else still queued?

Still in que.

The status for the build server shows up, which is weird since everyone has been having issues for 7+hours now.

Experiencing the same issues again today.

Unable to publish as well.

Unable to publish either, my builds are queued for ~24 hours at least …
I hope this gets fixed soon

I’ll see after this next build, but someone mentioned it may be the YouTube component, that is the only thing I added to my app, so it could be causing the build to fail, not sure. It built out with the Android but failed on iOS.

I do not have any youtube components in my app but both ios and android builds are Queuing for at least 16 hours or so. Its been ongoing for 4 days now. I think many of us are/were abusing the build feature and creating many many builds every day which is quite unsustainable … (thats just my opinion)

That’s strange. I havent tried since yesterday, but my Android builds were built instantly. There was not a queue for them at all. Just iOS

I had to do an important update and started a new build this morning. It’s been about four hours for my IOS and Android

Same here! I have a critical update to make, even started getting bad review on play store as we couldn’t fix this in time :sob::sob::sob:

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