Android webview issues

Is there any progression in “Android webview issues”?

The same problems occur in “Native Form”, as well.

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@knight will be able to help here. And can you tell the problem ? Because I don’t see any problems

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what’s the problem with Native Form? it doesn’t use webview.

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It happend when I use Webview or Native Form.

Some of my customers using the smartphone with increased font size, and they have problem that the scroll is not working and they can’t see the lower part of the Webveiw and Native Form

I have been tested Webveiw and Native form several times, and what I found is that,

  1. The problems dose not occur recent version of Android or smartphone,

  2. the problem only occur when the font size abd Webview size are somewhat bigger when I make the webview in whole screen. It disappeared with the smaller Webview size)

So, I modified my App with small sized Webview, and I can’t use the screen efficiently.

Please take a look at this problem.

So when you add the web view component it’s not applying to the full screen?

The scroll is stuck when I applying Native form as full screen.

And I occur only with large font size in old android smartphone, like Galaxy S7

Unfortunately, many of my customers are still using old smartphones…

Hmm. I checked and I don’t see any problems.

Is this happening when you are looking the app from the previewer?

ya, i think that’s the webview component library issue

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