Another database for photos and videos?

another database for photos and videos?

hello everyone, what service do you use or can you use it so that the downloaded photos and videos in the application are stored outside the Adalo database and can this be easily configured?

Amazon S3 is a popular choice, relatively cheap and performant.

If you want users upload these, you can quickly upload large files there with Adalify file uploader, without the files needing to go to Adalo database first.

in this case I will be able to display them in advlo? linking from one database

can this be configured via api?

Yes you just link the file url from amazon s3, so you’re displaying image from url

If images are hosted on something like S3, do they still pass though imgix in Adalo to take advantage of the image optimization work you guys recently did? or if we wanted an image optimization service we’d have to setup and create our own integration?

It would not use the optimization from imgix if you are using Amazon s3. You could set up your own equivalent manually if you wanted.