Another Domain Post - Namecheap - and Settings

I have my site hosted at namecheap and I have followed the setup instructions. I also upgraded my adalo account to allow for custom domains. When I try to add the domain it will not stay added. It disappears right after I try and add it. it also won’t work when I hit the test button it just errors out. Screen shots on all attached. Thanks Jeff.

I havent got this far with Adalo yet, not upgrading to pro plan yet. But i do know from experience with websites DNS servers can take up to 24 hours to refresh any addressing updates.

Hi @jsmith221 ,

You need to use subdomain, such as

If you need more help, check and search about domain.

Hello, I have all the domains in namecheap… I send you a photo as it is, it’s very simple!

the error that I see that in host you put .com and it is without a dot com … it is all that is in front of the .


If you create a subdomain it is the same process

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