Too fade White on Black text - Any possible improvement?

fade white

I opted for a Dark background and White #ffffff default Text in the Branding section.

The white text rather looks like a “very fade GREY” color when rendering online !

  • Is there a way to get a more readable White TEXT for my list line details - or there is no such improvement while using a Dark #000000 Background ?
    (something with the “country spex” title brightness would be cool…)

Note : It seems the Body lines are “empty” but they are not - there is actually a “country” name above “each” line that seems empty !
…but its even worse to see - once uploaded on the Forum. :see_no_evil:

*modified : changing the Bkgd to a lighter gray, the font seems to be fixed in Black color indeed.
So - is there a way to change the font color for a LIST while using a dark background
grey background

Thanks for help, Terii