Any hack for paid app without in-app purchase in iOS

My product is a SAAS which charges recurring payments. I have tried all the ways to convince apple but it’s not ready to give a go-ahead for iOS because of in-app purchases. Adalo is taking ages to make it. Any hacks here? I so need a hack now

make people pay on your website and then cross-reference that email address with your app users?

That’s a great suggestion @axme but have you tried it? I have kind of tried it.

My reply on rejection was: “These are my existing users whose organization pay us on their behalf. the iOS app is an extension of our services. They don’t signup, just log in”

iOS replied : " … 3.1.1 guidelines… Apps that offer paid digital services and content across multiple platforms may allow customers to access the content they acquired outside the app as long as it is also available for purchase using in-app purchase. Please see Guideline 3.1.3(b) Multiplatform Services for more information."

They are not ready to agree upon it.

adalo haven’t added this feature yet, its on adalo!

I haven’t done it, but if you look at Tinder, they allow you to subscribe on the web version as well as in the app. you could ask your users fro their emails in the app when they want to pay and send them a link there. To hide it from apple, just say: Get the pro version if you type in your email without mentioning this is paid feature

@Deepakjain you could use services like memberstack or outseta but you’ll still end up with same issue of rejection from Apple because their guideline is to have the IAP when you’re charging customers even if you have another place to charge.

But it’ll be a good thing to have memberships managed outside too to reduce costs to the end user.

Apple sucks 30% of the money you receive from customers via IAP.

So what everyone does is to have regular pricing on web portal (ex: $9.99) and +30% price on IAP (ex: $12.99)

You can check YouTube pricing in your iPhone and web for example to compare how they handle it.


In-App Purchases will be available very soon on Adalo. Within the month, pending final tests.


Excited beyond words​:100::100:

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I’m a little confused, how will Adalo having IAP help?

I thought that if a user pays for a service in the app then Apple take 30% (for the first year), I thought that process was called ‘iap’, have I misunderstood this?

Our app relies 100% on revenue generated in app (as I pressume most peoples do), I’ve been trying to work out a way around this (the only work around i’ve come up with is having the payment made on our website (or in a webview component), but I’m struggling to parse the user information from the app instance to the webview/website…

Make app and webapp share the same database.

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Yeah, what’s what I’m doing, but the logged in user data in the app doesn’t get parsed to the webview component as it’s a completely different instance.
I’ve built a simple webpage app to test (pointing at the same database), but there’s no way for the userid, or indeed any of the current app data (basket total etc) to be parsed…well, not that I can work out…

The method I’ve used to prove this is to have a webview component covering the bottom half of a tempoary app screen (the URL for the webview is the adalo webpage pointed at the same database). In the top half of the page have some magic text which shows the logged in users email.
On the webpage also have some magic text to show the logged in users email address…
When the screen is previewed as you’d imagine, the top email address for the logged in user is shown, in the webview component, it doesn’t…

If your app / company has less than USD $1,000,000 in sales (IAP), Apple no longer takes 30%. It’s called the Apple Small Business Program and it began on January 1, 2021. Most of us will never reach $1m in annual sales. So, for most of us, we don’t need to worry about Apple taking 30%.


Interesting, thanks.
But, I’d still prefer not to give Apple 15% of my revenue…
I think I’m going to have to try and push the payment elements out to a webpage (made in Adalo) and see if I can work around it…

Apple won’t accept apps that do the outside payment. Trust me, I tried it multiple times with a variants and tricks. That’s why we need IAP in Adalo so badly. You will be stuck with PWA which does not have important features like push notifaction.

@pushingpandas IAP should be coming soon.

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@bhanu so if I understand you correctly, apple will not reject your app submission if you have IAP enabled and have an additional alternative payment route through your website?

Iam counting the days :slight_smile:

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But won’t IAP still mean 15-30% will still go to Apple?

Read this from above:

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Yup, that’s right! Many subscription apps do that

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