Any ideas on how I can increase the storage for this app?

So I’ve got an app that host the manga anthology I own that I believe can reach a “mainstream” level. I believe that it can reach this level as it’s also got features similar to apps like webtoon or tapas where creators can share their manga/comics and users can upvote/comment on them etc. The difference is the app has a manga focus, with a traditional right to left or left to right scrolling reader. On top of that it’s got a social media type platform built in, that allows users to post statuses, novels, or images which will keep users on the app longer.

However I feel in order for it to reach that level I need help, all these functions I mentioned above are awesome, but adalo has a very limited amount of storage. I don’t feel it can reach its full potential with it being stuck with that limit, so I am reaching out to the community in an attempt to find someone who can help me figure out an external database or something to prevent the app from reaching its limit.

App I’m talking about: Pulse Manga App

*please keep in mind it is not 100% complete :sweat_smile:

I like your splash screen! is a gif?

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Thanks and yes it is…

I dont have any advice, sorry, just wanted to say your app looks fantastic. Great job!!

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