Anyone here that I can hire to sync data to AirTable?

I have a completed app that I want to use Custom Actions to be synching data to Air Table as a secondary data source. So, data will go into the Adalo database as well as copy to Air Table.

The app is not huge. There are a total of 23 collections.

Please contact me at for more information if this is of interest to you.

Thank you

You can check out our Experts page: Find Freelance Adalo Designers, Developers, & Agencies

If you click into a profile and then fill out the form at the bottom, they will get that information and should reach out to you.


Thanks…but tried that twice…and no reply :slight_smile:

Use integromat to get adalo collections and sync to Airtable. And schedule it to run once every day.

You might need 1 trigger to every collection you have.


That’s not good. @barrettnash is our new Partnership Manager and will be overseeing our Experts program. If what @bhanu suggested below doesn’t work for you, PM Barrett and he should be able to help you out.


Hi @FiXXMyFit sorry for the gap.

I’m happy to pair you with an expert to your email address of .

I’d appreciate too if you let me know how you applied to an Expert, I don’t see your email address in our queue and I’d like to make sure we aren’t having any gaps.

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