Api call (Update) From Adalo App to another Adalo APP?

Good morning everyone,

I ask for an opinion and support to do something perhaps complex … and I don’t know if it is possibile at the moment:

Is it possible to update a third-party application on Adalo (not my account), via the adalo API? It would be possible at the moment but there is no way to obscure the personal API key.

Also I would say it is a bit risky to publish the id of your collection to a third party.

Or do you know it is possible? Without necessarily going through Zapier or Integromat. But simply by making an API call (example via custom action).

I’ll give a practical example:

One of my friends who owns his application on Adalo goes to update a field one one my Collection (on my Adalo app). By making an API call to me, from his application.

From his Application, towards mine (Adalo APP) by updating my collection.

Is it possible without risking that a third party performs any delete on my collection? or without having to give other my private api key?


up! Can anyone support me?

Hi @miticobeppe ,
If you don’t want to expose your collection ID, and only want to allow write permissions and no delete, you would have to create a database in the middle with a CRON job to sync requests. This database would have your API/collections credentials, but would only accept “POST” requests for Example.

I would see a XANO or SUPABASE doing this very well. It would need some work, but it would guarantee you the security you need.

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