API fails when specific field is updated with the update a record endpoint

Hey guys, I am trying to update a record with the Make app but when I add any data to one specific field it fails. This is just a text field and only passing text. Any help would be appreciated.

There is no message in the error just a 400 response


Sounds like you are getting a 200 when access_token is empty.
Is access_token a reserved word in Adalo maybe? Add another field to the collection with a different name… like testfield_1 then try updating that with the same data.

If that works, rename the field.

Yes thanks, I think it is reserved so switched it to accessToken instead of access_token
hopefully, they never go to using accessToken


Boom! It would be good to have a list of reserved Adalo words.

Yes, I just told them in a support ticket to have that as a tool tip or help text when creating fields. Thur me fro a loop for a couple of hours.

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