API - Integromat/Zapier issue with Many-to-Many relationship arrays

Hello Adalo Forum!

We’re having a consistent issue with one of our collections that has many-to-many relationships. They aren’t even registering at all on any integration platform like Zapier or Integromat.

Has anyone encountered this?

See my example here:
Look for these many-to-many fields: PLAYERS and COLLEGES
They’re in Adalo, but don’t show up as an option on any platform. Notice how NFL relationship populates, but that’s a Many-to-One field.

I just tried it with a completely new collection and was able to replicate the error. It is 100% a many-to-many issue, both on Zapier and Integromat. This is killing my app. I was working a week ago.

Update for anyone in need - I was able to find a weird workaround where I have two actions back to back - create the Adalo record, and then immediately update it. The many-to-many relationships work on the update function.

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