API Rate Limit Issue

Can we get an update on the issue with the API rate limits? I appear to get this message even on requests that aren’t frequent i.e. a request hasn’t been made in the last 10 minutes yet I still get status code 429. This is making our app unusable until this gets fixed…


Welcome to my nightmare. I’ve been getting 429’s and 503’s all weekend.
My app is belly up until this critical issue gets fixed. I sent a second support ticket this afternoon documenting the problem.

I’ll keep you posted, on their response.


For more context -

My issue with this started back up again on Friday afternoon 5.28 and is still continuing today, going on three days now. I cannot get any of my app data updated in which is critically important to the functionality of the app, and I cannot get any of my app data out, which is critically important to user onboarding (Mailchimp trickle campaigns, etc.).

The app that I’ve poured my heart into is belly up for 3 days. Just a brutal experience.

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Hopefully this is just an easy infrastructure issue that adalo can resolve for us. I’ve also raised a ticket to help add fuel to the fire. Let’s hope this gets resolved soon

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I have been experiencing the same since Friday evening and it has been really awful experience as users are unable to view data. This is a big issue that needs immediate attendtion

Hey everyone! Thanks for your patience. I just asked internally if we can get some eyes on the API today. I will follow up here when I get word back.

I definitely understand the frustration that I’m this can cause. For context the current rate limit per account is 5/ps. This can cause a 429. But the 503 may be related to something else!

I will report back!


Hi @ben1,

Thanks for your reply. I hope Adalo Dev team can fix that :slight_smile:
FYI, I had a couple of 503s on Saturday & Sunday; the request frequency is very low - approx. one request per hour.

Best regards,

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Hi @ben1

My request frequency is also around 2 per hour. But still receiving a couple of 429s. And in the last two days, the request is returning 503 almost every two hours.

I too am receiving 429 and 503 errors.

I only used the API once in the last 8~ hours and I’m still getting 429 errors.

@BackL @ProU @Uzair @Torrsy

Thanks for your patience! I heard from the team and there have been some added stresses to the API this weekend! As of yesterday afternoon the load was normalizing, but we are still seeing some intermittent instances of this.

We are investigating ways to handle this more consistently in the long term, and will share those findings as we can!

If you are still seeing issues, we saw a ton of requests coming in with no tokens, or or other errors in the request, so I would suggest taking a look at your requests to be sure there wasn’t an error there.

If you wrote in about this, I will also reply to your ticket, and give some additional info about your specific case!

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.


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