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What options do I have to downsize my app significantly? It seems for me that the after deleting 20% of my screens the size stays the same. So what options do developers have?


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Screens are not reducing the size. You can create a app with lot of screens.

Are you using free plan @Phoenix ?
@Phoenix Does your DB is big. Because the DB is increasing the size of your app.
And for the background of the screen are you putting gif? Like 45, 50 mb. I mean the gif size .

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Are you using a lot of images? You could use SVG instead of Bitmaps. That would probably shrink it down.

@dilon_perera what is a big DB? Do you mean the more columns/collections I have the bigger the app is? I am a paying user

@thomasniederberger All pictures I have are taken from the DB. So everytime the app opens the pictures in the DB are downloaded. I think this should not influence the initial app size or does it?


No I mean when you have so many data inside the collections.

I mostly have short text lines in my DB. For Android the APK size is 40mb to download and expands to 100mb when installed. I think this is quite a lot

Hmm. How much storage you used for now?

Data inside collections will not affect the size of an APK, as this data is held server-side and not locally.

As mentioned previously, reducing file sizes of images will significantly reduce the size of the app. If you post a screenshot of the screens in your editor, we may be able to see other signs that could need improvement.

Thanks! As you can see the size on my phone even increased to 143MB

@anon78309838 but the data is affecting for the app size know?

@dilon_perera No it does not affect the app size.

@anon78309838 I’m using a free plan and when the storage is 100% does that affect?

@anon78309838 do you haven an idea why my app is so big? 143Mb are too big for some users

It would be great to get a solution here. The app grew to 155MB. @anon78309838 Or is it not possible to do something against it?

Deleting Cache helps little bit. But most users dont know how to do it. Also I do not what is cached - all pictures in the app are in total 5MB max and the rest is only text

This isn’t the “size” of the app. it’s the storage used by the app. That includes all cached and stored data, from text, to images, to app functionality data. This number will always go up while you continue to use an app, and view and cache more info. Just like it does with an app like Instagram or Youtube.

You can “clear stored data” and reset this back to the minimum amount required by the app, but it will grow again as you use the app in a normal setting, and it the app will likely perform slower the first few times as it will have to load all resources again from the server.

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Given the screenshot the application alone has 85MB and within two weeks (with data and cache) 154MB. So that is normal? Can any Adalo app be less than 85MB?

@anon78309838 can you help?

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