App size issue, a big problem


Is there any update regarding how to reduce apk size because right now I’m recieving lot of feedbacks from users/clients that app size is too large.

If anyone know how reduce app size please let me know.

Even a small app takes 30-59MB

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Can I ask you what is your app’s size in terms of screens? My app is quite large too so I am bit concerned. I did not launch it yet because I am currently facing an issue of super slow interface which makes it difficult to do a single task.

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Do you have many images in your app? We have about 50-60 screens in ours, but the app size is about 50MB.

We do have quite a bit of images, but we made sure to compress all of them before uploading to the database.

Consider compressing your images and using JPG instead of PNG where possible.

There currently is no way to reduce this size as a setting but as suggested, you can reduce size by compressing images.

You could make a feature request for this kind of setting:

Around 5 screens I think.

I know this already but how can you control users uploaded images.

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When we will get new format for android as google announced about this .aab

I’ve never tried this before, but you can give it a go: Use an image compression API, something like ShortPixel. So when a user uploads an image, run a custom action to compress and optimise it before saving it in the database.

Also, speaking of which, when a user uploads an image, it won’t count towards the actual app’s size. It’d take up space in your database. You’ll only need to worry about the images you upload as part of the app screens.

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