App Back Button Bug in Web Preview

I’m experiencing an issue with the web preview back button. This is the back button in the app in the preview, not the browser back button.

There are 2 screens involved in the bug. On the first screen, when the user lands on this first screen, it updates a number property with +1. Then the user clicks a button on this first screen and gets taken to the second screen.

Now, when the user is on this second screen, there is a hamburger menu. This is the bug: from this second screen, when they click into the hamburger menu and then use the Left Arrow in the app to back out of the menu into the second screen again, the Action from the first screen (updating a number property with +1) is triggered again.

Any ideas on what’s going on?

Hi @encurage,

That’s weird. I’d say this might be related not only to back link in the menu. I’ve built a case to reproduce this bug - when I just reload the page, the counter increases, despite the fact that on-screen-enter action exists on the previous screen. On a screen series, if you have actions on Screen 1 and Screen 2, when you get to Screen 3 the action from 1 doesn’t execute, but action from 2 does.

I’ve submitted a ticket for this - you can do this as well so that Adalo team knows this bug is affecting customers.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor Thanks very much taking the time to test and duplicate the issue. I should add that this bug appeared just this week. I haven’t changed anything in this flow in several months and this bug suddenly started happening. I will also submit this as a bug to the Adalo team.

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Ticket submitted.

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