Linear - ChatGPT Assistant made with Adalo

Linear is an app that allows users to interact with the powerful language model ChatGPT
It’s a simple and easy to use, the app gives users access to the natural language processing capabilities of OpenAI, enabling them to generate human-like text and perform a variety of language-based tasks such as language translation, question answering, and text completion.

Linear is perfect for anyone looking to automate their language-based tasks, or for anyone looking to experiment with the capabilities of ChatGPT inside Adalo.

For now, only single responses are supported, I still need some work to make contextual responses work correctly. As now the app is as simple as possible to explore future improvements

I’m giving :moneybag: 1000 FREE TOKENS to new users to test the app

Let me know what you think!



The text is to small for me and difficult to read due to grey on grey colors. And I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do on the app. Could just be me but there is some feedback…hope it helps.

The app it’s just a simple way to interact with ChatGPT. I’ve integrated the API and fine tuned the language model.
About fonts, you are right, I will set a darker background and larger font. Thank you :pray:


You’re welcome. Good luck!

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Great! It can be cool if we can copy the prompt so we can generate another response, or a button with “Regenerate” to have anoter response

Hey, thank you. Yeah, would be nice. The problem is, I have to think a way to not generate the same response again


Yeah, you’re right! Good Luck :wink:

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Good App! Wow, the possibilities are endless now with Adalo!


You are right absolutely right

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Some numbers after 4 days on PlayStore.
•1000+ installs
•44K Actions
•Over 20K calls to openAI API

I’ve dropped a new update in which users can earn Tokens by watching an Interstitial Ad.

And improved the Linear’s Admin Dashboard to get the full control of the app and his users


Love your app! Good job… And yes, the possibilities with Adalo are indeed endless.

I noticed that you have integrated “Rewarded” ads. I have been trying to implement that in my app for a month but failed miserably. I would appreciate some guidance on how you got this done.

  • Is this a “Rewarded interstitial” or “Rewarded” ad unit?
  • Do you add the ADMOB banner on a new page/modal that is connected to the “Watch Ad” button? Or is it done in a different way?
  • How do you manage to credit the tokens over to the user that watched the Ad? I assume you added a tokens column in the users DB. But how do you credit the tokens?

Thanks in advance. You can’t imagine how thankful I would be with any help in regard to this. :slight_smile:

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I really like Linear. I think is a good compromise between free app and payment app. In this way you can keep the app free but u can also earn something from it that helps u to go ahead developing new product… Well done mate.

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Hi, thanks for your comment. Currently the ads with Admob on Adalo make a bit of a laughing stock, so much so that Google warns that the component is deprecated and will no longer work soon.
But I wanted to try it anyway and so far it seems to work. It is just a screen with an interstitial and a countdown that when it ends, it gives tokens to users. Unfortunately, Adalo does not have the Admob component for rewarded Ads, so when the ad ends, it performs an action. That would have been great!! :roll_eyes:

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Congrats @Eugen!

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Thank you @Filli :pray:

Thank you Eugen for replying!

If I understand correctly: You basically create a “Normal Screen”, add a 15 second countdown and add the AdMob Interstitial Ad component over it. Then set an action for the countdown to automatically update user tokens in DB with +50 tokens and go back to the “Token” page once the 15 seconds pass. Correct?

Another quick question. Why are you using “Interstitial” and not “Rewarded” or "Rewarded Interstitial? I believe the rewarded ad version has a higher ECPM over the regular interstitial.

Thanks again for your time. You rock!

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Correct! Actually Rewarded ads are not present in the component, that’s why I made it as an Interstitial!

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Google has just removed Linear from the store. Because of the OpenAI icon.

But I am not one to give up easily so I have already dropped a new version of Linear without the OpenAI icons :smirk:
The problem now will be telling the 2000+ users to uninstall the old one and install the new one. Of course, the accounts remain unaffected.

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Already online with a new version.

Nice app…well designed!

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