App crashing when going to page with Calendar

I just added the calendar component to a page. In the preview and appsite when I go to such page it shows for a second then blanks (I guess this is a crash). Let me know if you need the Link and Path.

I tried removing the component and it doesn’t crash so I guess that is what is causing it.

I face the same issue. I don’t think the app is crashing, but its a blank white screen for sure.

My best guess is that its an issue with component if there are 0 entries in the collection from which calendar component is fetching data. If there are no entries in that collection, whichever screen in your app is displaying the calendar component, it goes white. Once you have at least one entry then the component is displayed properly.

I tried to cross check by fetching data from the same collection via a simple list and calendar component on two separate screens to verify, and I could see that only when I added at least one entry manually the calendar was visible.

That’s my guess. @anon78309838 & @ashley can verify how calendar works.

This is the right answer :slight_smile:

You need data in the collection you are pulling from for any component to be displayed. Without data to request, some components may behave unexpectedly as they are waiting to process data which is not available.

Hopefully this can be fixed soon. For now my solution is for when a new member signs in an automatic calendar event is created showing the date/time they first logged in.

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