Is my Calendar component causing white screen / blank screen

Installed the calendar component for my events app and it was working fine for a few weeks as I tested it multiple ways.

I recently installed 2 different countdown timers to test if I could delete events based on their end time.

Now any time I go to my calendar screen it is completely white.

I’m not sure what’s causing this but I feel like it was the installation of the countdown timers.
I’m not sure how to uninstall them and check or if that matters at all.

I’ve deleted every record and created new users and events and it hasn’t fixed the issue.

I have removed the count down components from the build and it hasn’t fixed the issue.

I removed the calendar component and the screen now appears without the calendar.

I tossed a blank calendar in and it shows up as the vanilla calendar which leads me to believe things original calendar was asking for is causing the white screen.

Does anyone know how to fix this or some troubleshooting steps and can take further?
I’d rather not rebuild the calendar component but it might be the only way to progress without an answer on here.



Since no one has responded yet, I’ve decided to include an edit.

I tried to reconstruct the calendar component on a different screen and have found that one of the event properties is not able to be shown on the calendar.

For example: it is called “Received event”.

When I look to add it, I can use “all events” as well as every other property of events but not the one the original calendar was supposed to display.

My events have many properties and “received event” is alphabetically the last one on the list… a list that Adalo or perhaps the Calendar component has limited to a certain number. I’m wondering if a new property has “pushed” the “received event” lower past the limit and now the calendar component doesn’t recognize it.

I compared this to “all users” where users had many more properties and I was able to scroll through them and see there was in fact not a limit which leads me to believe “received event” simply is not recognized for an unknown reason now.

Hopefully someone can shed some light.

Hi @Wind,

Not sure if this is related to your case, but: in my experience, calendar component “crashes” (blank screen usually means that app crashed), when the data is changed dynamically on the screen with calendar component.

Example A, works fine:
DB with Events, related to Locations

  • screen 1, select the Location, then go to the next screen
  • screen 2, calendar filtered by “Current Location”, with events.
    All is fine, user can go back and forth between the screens

Example B - doesn’t work:

  • screen 1, with dropdown Selector of the Locations
  • same screen, calendar filtered by “Selector → Location”
    When user changes the Location in the dropdown, with a very high probability calendar crashes.

May be this info could be useful for you when you alter app architecture.



Thanks for the thorough reply @Victor! In learning the Adalo platform recently, I am finally finding out that the logic of “stepping forward in the app and backstepping” solves & prevents, many problems!!! Problems I thought were problems and would not have been problems if I would have found this lesson first. Painfully, I did not though :woozy_face:.

So it looks like the same applies here as well. Changing data or the flow of data once on a page breaks things in layman’s terms?!?

Now that I’ve learned my lesson(s), I’d love to create a multi-media learning tutorial from my experiences Adalo :grin:…wink wink :wink: Would this quick illustration I whipped up be correct to help form a beginner’s perspective??? Seeing this would have helped me tremendously in the “very beginning”. It would have saved me time, ENERGY, money and a lot’s of hair. I probably just missed it.

Hi @appwebmobile,

You could also check this videos by @pford:


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