App deployment and update

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Adalo, I’ve made a couple of applications and I’m delighted with the platform.
My question is, sorry if there is already a thread about it and I didn’t see it:

  1. How do I make it so that a client, with their own Adalo subscription, can copy an app that I made?
    That is, how do I restrict my app so that only some users can copy and use it?

  2. And how do I handle updates? If I make a correction or improvement, how is that change applied in the client subscription?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey Emilio, welcome to the community!

You can have the client “clone” the app into their account by making the app cloneable in the app’s “Settings” tab under “App Access”. Once it’s cloned over to the client’s account, you can set it back to not cloneable.

Then, you want to have your client add you to their team in your account Settings under Team & Billing. Once the client has added you to the team, they then have to add you to the app. Under the app’s settings tab under app access, have them click that add team member button and add you to it.

Then, updates can be handled from within your own account but on their copy of the app (You’ll see the team’s name under the app’s name on the app list dropdown menu).


Ok, thank you very much!

Best question asked by EmilioRoqueta I am also eager to know about apps using restrictions.

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