Migrate App with data to different account

We have built an app for our client in our account, which is live now. Now client want the app in their account. Clone app copies the app structure, but how do we migrate app completely?

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I’d also like to know the answer to this.

One workaround would be to use an external database instead of Adalo’s, and reconnect all the links again. Very time consuming though, so a cleaner solution would be great.

  1. Have them add you to their Adalo organization
  2. Make sure they’re on a paid plan (if you were)
  3. Go into the app settings, and you should see an “Organization” dropdown
  4. Change the organization to the new one - and probably reload the page
  5. Add their organization’s users to the app - this doesn’t happen automatically
  6. Have them remove you from the app & from the team - (optional)

Thank you Colin, will check it out!!

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