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Why does it take 15 min to load my app in adalo. Ever since i added a text box for our waiver to be signed (which does not work since February as the signature component doesn’t work) it takes forever to change one letter of text or even the font color.

also the signature component needs to be fixed asap our whole app is based off that item being there and was there when i started this

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Add some additional info, system, browser used, how many screens in use etc

1 screen in use
64 Ram
CHROME using Chrome … Its been broken since day one 1 year 2 months ago when i started it … its just getting old waiting and waiting

Yeah that doesn’t sound right at all, have you tried Firefox? Maybe some Chrome extensions are causing issues? If you have extensions, try disabling all of them. If it works proper, enable them 1 at a time.

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One method is to have the text in your database, and then display the text as magic text, rather than try to have your whole waiver hardcoded into a text component. This should help your editor’s loading speed.

For some reason, large blocks of text can really slow things down.

My waiver inputs the logged in user information and current time. Database can’t insert magic text I tried this method.

Are you able to post a clonable dummy version of your app? Not your specific waiver, but a Lorem Ipsum of the same length. Maybe posting that here might help others better understand what’s up.

It would be able to insert magic text if you display your waiver as a list item. Just make a waiver collection, with 1 item in it. Then make a custom list of ‘waivers’, and your one entry will show up with any data you want to include there. You can edit the size of the list item, stretch it out etc. to make it look like it’s not a list at all.

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I recognize a huge performance drop of the editor when I add LONG text into the text field. I try to avoid that and put text into database, which limited me in formatting and styling the text :confused:

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How could the magic text be put into the text that’s added into the database? this is what I’m doing here

Put each of these lines into a different property on your waiver record, then just format in the text box using the magic text of each property for each line.


And to add on to this. I think you have to have something else happening here. I have a 13” 16gb MacBook Pro, I load 20+ apps a day, and 95% of them load in under 15 seconds, 99% under 30 seconds. Only a select few very very very large and text heavy apps take longer than this.

Your rig should rip through loading the editor with even the largest apps. What’s your internet speed? Have you tested loading in a guest chrome window? Disabling extensions, etc.

I’m on 1 gig up and 1 gig down.

no extensions
does it on windows and on mac
does it on chrome Firefox, safari and god forbid edge

Here is a cloneable copy you can test

I cloned it and indeed it was very slow to load! Deleting the text boxes made it load very quickly though, so it looks like the amount of text and not your hardware/connection.

Definitely display the waiver as a list item in my opinion.

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