Text Box getting worse?

Is the text box getting worse? Or is it just me. I am aware there has long been a problem with putting “too much” text in a text box, but I am having trouble putting one or two sentences into a text box. It more or less just plain doesn’t work. As soon as I start typing, the editor freezes and it can sometimes take 2-3 minutes for it to start responding again.

How is this a thing??? Is this not the most basic component of any app? And it basically doesn’t work here?

Does anyone know a way to get it to perform better? I do NOT want to create a collection of “text” and then have to reference it… This is literally just basic final documentation, instructions, and other TEXT that needs to display in the app. This just has to work the way it’s supposed to!!

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I have not experienced that at all. I can edit my text boxes with no issues.

Many factors could be affecting your experience.

Have you tried using different browsers? Firefox is known for being much smoother with Adalo’s editor.

Have you tried clearing all cache from the editor’s browser tab? Clearing cache and cookies also help.

I have used the editor on Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Safari. My usual browser is Brave.

Another tip: If I know I’m putting a bit more text than usual in a text box, I first prepare it on Google Docs or Grammarly, to ensure everything is okay and that grammar is correct. Then I just copy and paste it to the text box.

I’ve tried Chrome (the worst) and Firefox Developers Edition (almost as bad). I’ll try clearing cache in both browsers and see what’s what.

For what it’s worth, It’s actually doing significantly better today without me doing anything. Still wicked laggy and can’t type too fast, but at least its WORKING. When I posted this there would be no-joke multiple-minute hangups when typing in a textbox…

This issue plagues me.

Running Firefox alone, no other apps running. 1 tab only. Interested to hear other people’s experiences and CPU load or computer specs. I have a ticket raised and have had msgs with one of the Adalo devs.

I can be building custom lists, adding relationships, navigating around 60 pages and CPU strain is max 80%. As soon as I drop a section of text on the screen CPU boosts to 350% and I have to wait 30 seconds between key strokes. Copy paste and moving the text element around is awful.

Running 2014 Macbook Pro Retina on Mojave
Hardware Overview:
Model Name: MacBook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,2
Processor Name: Intel Core i7
Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz
Number of Processors: 1
Total Number of Cores: 4
Memory: 16 GB

Hey @tbtilton & @Rozza

I have experienced this a couple of times and it usually happens after I’ve been editing an app for an extended period of time (say after 30 minutes or so).

If I notice that the text component starts getting slow, where it takes a lot of time between clicking, typing, and text updating, I click a separate component within the screen, wait 5 seconds, then click back into the text component.

I’m not exactly sure why this happens but my best guess is that it takes a lot of resources to add the component. So simply add it, click away, then click it again to edit it.

It’s not often that this happens but this seems to work for me. Also, I try not to do more than 2 or 3 sentences per text component because the more text that’s in the component, the more likely it is to get slow.

In my limited experience, the text box itself is a pretty horrible place to type. It does lag if you are typing more than a few words, and it seems to lag even more when you’re deleting.

Like @Flawless said, it’s best to prepare any long for content in a separate text editor, then copy/paste into the text box. That works smoothly and saves you a lot of headaches.

I have a blog section on my app, with several hundred words in each, and I’m very happy with it. But I definitely wouldn’t write such a post directly in the text box.

Agreed, copy and paste is a great workaround until you need to resize, edit format, even worse - use magic text inside long strings. @Flawless I will try your clicking other items trick. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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