Very slow loading in backend Adalo editor

I’m just trying to do little things in the Adalo editor this morning, and everything is taking 10 minutes to load!

Anyone else having trouble?

I’m using Firefox.

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 12.31.48
I keep getting this message

Hi Charlotte, this happens when apps have a lot of screens or text on it. It happens to me all the time.

My app is loading slower than usual today (7-10s loading time), buttons loading slowly, dropdowns loading slow…is that also happening to you or someone else?

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7-10 seconds is still manageable, it’s not allowing me to Zoom into to the screens at all.

I was clicking on the side buttons and then waiting for 5 minutes and nothing was happening.

Same for me.
Everything collection related is intermittantly loading either completely not at all, slow, or regular today.
Status dashboard says everything is okay, but have filed a bug report.

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Ah an incident has just been added:

Collections totally offline for me. Probably has been building up to this and that’s why the slowness… Here’s to hoping they fix it fast! :slight_smile:

Same problem. Adalo works really slow it is so frustrating.

@StevenU @Nemanja @hotdesk @axme

This has been resolved. You can subscribe to updates for to know the status of incidents like this.


Not fixed for me. I can not sign up users in my app. I sent ticket

Oh brilliant thanks James

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For me it isn’t fixed eithers. Lists load very very slow.


me too

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dropdown lists are not loading for me/loading very slowly (over 20s). anyone else?
I use filters in the dropdown

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