App Icon missing while sharing the app

I upload the app icon (.jpeg) but it didn’t shows up while sharing. Help please?

First of all your check icon image 1024x1024
According to me you should go for the png format because it will support High Resolution image

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Something is wrong with the pic. Another one (.jpg) works. Funny thing is, the system let me upload the file and it has it in my app list. but when I want to share nothing is there. I am confudes. I let my design build a new one. Let’s see.

Okay, I have an Icon which works with another app. When I use some file with that app…it will not show up. So it has nothing to do with the File…strange

Seems, that you can only put icon logo once inside. I copied the app and added new logo icon, now it runs. Cheers and ticket closed.

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This makeshift solution worked for me!! Yay. Whenever you duplicate the app, don’t forget to delete the old one so that when you press “Share.” you aren’t confused why the old one is still popping up (they are published on the same domain when you duplicate).