App icon name vs app store name

So here’s why I find this setting a must. My app is a self-help app, an anger management app. A lot of users are afraid of having the app in case their friends / significant others see the app on their phone and they feel embarrassed. I’ve had two emails already about this. Just requesting an icon name change. The icon even states it when viewed on the phone.


I know in xCode the setting is in there to do it but idk if its easy for Adalo to implement it for Adalo publish settings.

Basically you can have a shorter name as your app icon vs the name on the app store.

Does an expert or adalo community member know if this will be possible?

I created an idea for it if you want to bump it.

Or…does the name field in adalo settings already effect this? That’s where I’m confused on the backend of Adalo. I feel if i change the name in Adalo, it will change in the app store as well.

just go to the publish section > update settings > app display name > change it

so that DOES effect the icon name and NOT the app store name?

That’s what i was thinking.

Yeah this has nothing to do with the app store listing name

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ahhh ok. So that section effects the icon, not the store aspects as well. I didn’t know how the builds work in terms of WHAT information gets sent to Apple to update, etc.

Then nevermind. haha

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