App Launch and organic growth

Hi all,

I’ve build an app that is basically a Chrono24 meets Vivino but then for books. Users can find everything about every book and even their value on the secondary market. I’m also building a partnership with a secondary book buyer that will directly buy books offered by my users, to either free up some cabinet space or earn some extra cash. How should I grow this app organically, any tips or tricks are welcome!

thank you in advance!

Hi @Badmenfinance

I think the answers has two parts.

The first is about your product.
Organic growth is not something you build on top of your product, but rather something that’s inherent to the product itself - if its nature and features promote sharing and invites.

If your app is a calculator, let’s say, it doesn’t promote much sharing.

What motivates users to share or invite other users?
Some examples:

  • Winning something (access to features, discounts, virtual currency)
  • Challenging other users
  • Bragging
  • Vanity
  • Sharing interesting content
  • Sharing fun content

The second part consists of considering the methods with which users can share, which in this case is limited to Adalo’s capabilities.

Things you can’t do on Adalo (as far as I know):

  • Share images
  • Generate unique links

Sharing methods you can use on Adalo:

  • “Share” action (for text)
  • Send sms
  • Send e-mail
  • Promoting users to take a screenshot and share it
  • Share directly to WhatsApp, which allows you to select multiple users at a time

This last one is done by linking to an external website and using one of the following:

So it’s a matter of playing with these factors and adapting it to your app.

Hope it helps!

Nice Post @afonso

One way I found to share images is in two parts:

  1. Generate the image possibly using BannerBear or my favourite (due to cost and the fact you can simply put variables in a URL to get an image) is Pricing - SocialSplash

  2. Then you can use PathFix with Path fix you can enable OAuth for Facebook, Instagram (and similar) whereby path fix links the Users Authentication (Retrieves their Access Token from Facebook/Instagram) and then you can post/share the image directly from within your App using the Facebook and Instagram API to their own page, and different for each user. Note: you cannot post on behalf of a user without the OAuth bit on pathfix… Share is doable, but certainly a lot of work and PathFix is $29 per month for 100k API OAuth Calls. I got it working well for my Table Tennis App where a team can share their match results in a nice Image Card directly to their Facebook Pages. If I get a chance I will try make a video.

That’s very interesting. Has this been your most successful growth method?

Oh no, haha my most successful method of growth is Apple Search Ads (ASO) paid… Apple users I found are more inclined to pay…

Just thought I would mention above if anyone is wanting to share images to social directly.


I should’ve specified: I meant organic growth, in case you track users’ share actions :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing!