Scaling an adalo built app into a funded startup

Hi everyone,

so to keep a long story short, I built an App using Adalo and used it as a PoC for an idea, I then went on to seek users and the response was great, so armed with these great initial results, I sought out angel investors, and now I have someone who’s really interested.

So the question is, is it possible to scale my app while keeping it on Adalo to potentially serve 100s of 1000s of users, or should quit Adalo while I’m ahead.

All input is much appreciated


First, congrats!

Second, I know Adalo is working hard on bringing a lot of improvements, so I know you will be able to scale with Adalo.

That said, to really grow and expand your company, you will need to develop your app in-house, most probably. Developing in-house will remove any limitations you could have with Adalo.

But again, it all depends on your needs. If the app is simple enough, then scaling with Adalo shouldn’t be an issue.


  • I would stay on Adalo & refine your product & company as much as possible

  • Not saying you don’t have product market / fit. However, many think they do, when they don’t… chances are good you haven’t crossed the chasm. (I would argue that Adalo itself doesn’t even have product/ market fit. Proof: they are changing the way they charge. If this happened with you, it could get expensive with traditional coding. (based on your situation)

  • Keep users informed that you’re using a new technology & “it’s a bit fragile” (especially if its a B2B)

  • Take as little money, or NO money as possible at this point. Personally, I would see if you can get that Angel investor to help you / consult for 30 minutes / twice a month without taking money. ( for several reasons)

  • Use Adalo until it breaks - have plans to deal with it, when it does.
    At that point, raise more money, and rebuild all at once.

  • Consider tightening your communication with Adalo employees. It’s in their interest to help you keep that thing up and running. The more leverage you have, the more leverage you have. Use it.

For scaling you app inside Adalo consider moving your data to an external source like Xano. Then you data remains separate, can grow more easily, and can more easily migrate to another app later on.

Hey @KatelynCampbell, @jessehaywood , @David : am in a similar situation where we are wondering if we should keep going with Adalo. Our App is a store supplies order app. It is expected to be rolled out to 1,000 small bodegas to start with for a 3 month test and then refined and rolled out eventually to 100,000 stores. The backend will be MS SQL Server on some very fast servers. We won’t be using Adalo’s internal database. The order process will require the user to use an average of 15 actions per order cycle every 2 weeks. That’s 30 actions X 100,000 users = 3 million actions per month.

The kicker is the new pricing model based on Actions would seem to prohibit us from using this platform for the app. beyond a Proof of Concept.

Some clarification and any information would be appreciated. Am I correct in my assessment of the Adalo platform. Mary

Also send to @Ben , please see my post for Scaling and adalo built app. I need some advice on pricing and what the cost of 3 million actions per month would be – but not using Adalo internal database.
Thanks Mary