App map incredibly slow to load

Hi guys,

I’m creating an app for a food guide that has over 900 restaurants in their guide.

I inputted 5 restaurants & the markers displayed on the map ok.

Then I uploaded 50 restaurants & the map isn’t loading even after the screen has been up for over 5 minutes.

Have I made a big mistake making this app on Adalo? I’m about as far down the line as you could possibly be in a project, last step was uploading the data.

Anyone got any ideas on how to save my a*s here?

Thanks in advance,

I am still not at your level, but I sincerely hope things will go better and with better performances as I also left another no code solution to build my business app with Adalo.

I am afraid reading this, to be honest.

Any Adalo expert able to provide feedback on performance? @Ben, @jeremy, @KatelynCampbell, @ashley, any feedback from Adalo regarding performances at scale?

The performance issue here is almost certainly specific to the map component. We’re looking into it the issue.

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I can’t even get my map to load in preview - all APIs enabled and unrestricted, billing setup. Please advise…

Same issue here. It works correctly in the PWA but not in the actual app. Also single marker click action does nothing.