*video proof* Form not saving info and creating additional items for no reason

Hey there. I’ve tried everything, and for some reason, one little form isn’t saving, but every other form is saving. It’s the weirdest thing. The other actions are just linking to another screen.

It’s also creating TWO entries (the main one, but also a blank one), yet I only have ONE thing to create. It feels like an Adalo bug tbh, because I have the same settings on 2 other screens that are the same as the 1st screen, thus anything on the 1st screen doesn’t save, but the other 2 screens do. Weirdest thing.

It works when I edit the entry, but doesn’t save the initial entry at all.

Any help would be appreciated. thanks

I figured something out that’s causing the issue but no idea if i have to build a workaround or not, this is where i’ll need advice on.

I’m building 5 screens, each screen collecting info from one box, with the 5th screen having the save and “create entry” button. But It’s only saving the info from the last two screens, but you can clearly see I’m pulling the info from all 5 screens.

This is weird but any help needed, thanks!

@marklive the data in a form input is only stored for one screen past the screen you input the data. You’ll need to create the item in the first screen, and use “update” actions on the links in subsequent screens to add the additional data.


Thank you so much, that helped.

I still have the double database creation though, do you know why this is? I still only have one create action.

Thats a bit harder to troubleshoot from afar. I would check you screen actions. But likely there is an action somewhere that is a “create” instead of something else.


oh sorry, forgot to update this.

Yeah, I was having a HUGE brain fart and didn’t see i had the action under when they enter the screen. lol. Thanks guys :smiley:


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