App not found & No ones replies to me in Support ticket

I am really sad and angry at the same time as I have been in a full month working on my app to be greeted with “App not found” all other topics say message support, message support, and all I see is no reply from support. I am not in PRO plan yet until my app is complete so all I clicked “Preview” and then I am greeted with “App not found”.

Any help can be helpful :slight_smile:

I will add that it works 1 time and gets back to app not found.


Can you provide a video of the issue? There could be a page issue, cache, or other, but without other information it’s hard to diagnose.

I have seen this when an action moves you off a scene into one that is not defined. Say you hit the home screen but did not define a screen for one of the actions on your home screen and that gets clicked it take you to a grey empty screen that feels really scary. Is that what is happening?

It does like this Serious Issue Please help me! “APP NOT FOUND” - Help - Adalo

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