App preview - Stopher Music

Hi everyone
Here is my app which I’ve sent to apple for review. My students have been using the PWA version of this for most of 2021 but finally fixed most of the bugs and would love your feedback.

Use and adaloforum to see the full subscriber version


Going to list some things below, please take them as constructive criticism, not negatively. Hope they help!

This button isnt doing anything:

Your Signup button doesnt do anything:

This bar is floating weirdly high, might want to look into it:

You can add the same task multiple times, dont know if that is intended or not:

I’d either remove this button (since its already on your bottom nav bar) or move it to the right side for consistency:

This page scrolls for way too long:

Lesson 1 audio tracks for this library arent working:

You should not make these buttons as user might think they are clickable:

I would consider adding a back button somewhere here:

This link doesnt work:

Your “Add a task” button adds a blank task that you cant do anything with

I would recommend making these tasks clickable to take you to that lesson rather than clicking it just completes it:

Clicking Update Avatar should link you back:

Hope this helps! :smiley:

Thanks @Bobby very helpful

You’re very welcome!