Functionalities not working

Hi Adalo, My app was working fine till yesterday, but today, its not functioning properly. It used to sent notifications, now nothing happening… some functionalities woking in preview, but not in pwa or in android build. Need to fix this issue asap, I have spend lots of time building this app.

Hi @Reyaas,

Can you tell me for which app this is and what functionalities son what screens are not working? I can look into it further.

pls see the below screenshot, count should be updated as selected. but not updating, in some places showing correct, even in collection data is there.

Hi @Colin
I’m having a similar issue: when a user pressed the submit button it’s not doing the actions it’s supposed to do.
Also the updates on the editor don’t show up in the PWA (even after refreshing it).
I made a video explaining what’s happening:
(it’s the Kw*** app for me)

Is there an alternative way to solve this? I have to show the working app to my customer in 4h

Thx @axme, for the detail explanation, Have you noticed that linked available data in a form broken sometimes.

yes linked data (coming from form or text input) is not transferring to the other screen and it’s also not getting sent to the DB (i’ve checked and it says that the available data is available in the screen)

All the data from the form input here is not getting sent to the DB (sometimes only the change from “order confirmed” going from “false” to “true” is working)

@Colin could you kindly check if it’s a bug or if we are doing something completely wrong please? I want to know if I should continue to try to find a workaround or if it’s on Adalo’s side

@Colin, please update us…

is anyone else having this issue?

@Reyaas is it working for you today? not for me

No, need to wait sometimes, then showing correct values. Notification started to work from today afternoon.

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