App Push notification without email / username

i’m creating an app for a restaurant for diners to scan a QR code download the app and view the menu.

i’d like to use push notifications to reach all users of the app, but I do not need for the user to provide their email, but i understand this is a requirement for the adalo API for the push notification to be triggered

however if i use a third party integration like firebase, will that bypass the email requirement ?

@repackaged @montetennis appreciate your posts for setting up push notifications, may I know if it’s possible to include images into the push notifications ?

As far I understand adalo its not possible to send push notifications without email credentials. The device token (which is need to receive push notification) is bound to the logged in user. Otherwise ALL users would receive the same notification. Adalo does not work currently with other push notification services like OneSignal.

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