App rejected - Help please

Hi, can you please help me I don’t know whats is problem. I just got notification that my app is rejected and the reason is -" the app loads indefinietly uppon login", and Review device details is: Ipad, Os version:14.3

So what isproblem and why Ipad? I made app only for iphone?

After that they said this:

Also there is one more problem about design :

I watched preview od my app in Adalo and screen is good, and everything is okay now I don’t know where is this problem, where did they find that problem.

Please help.

For apple you must have iPad version too - you can’t exclude it. Use the iPad mode in the previewer and perhaps you might be able to see some issues, and you may need to move some components around to make it work.

The second design problem it looks like there is a component snapping to it that you aren’t seeing on editor. Maybe something you thought you deleted, or maybe something sitting underneath the existing component. You need to find that and delete it.

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