App restarting when iPhone turned to landscape

Has anyone found a solution to the issue of the app restarting when the iPhone is rotated to landscape view? This seems to be an issue affecting the PWA and Adalo seems to have no response. Here is a previous post from Dec. 2020: See post

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Hey there @meandrewin
You’re better off submitting a ticket for this issue

Hi @meandrewin,

I guess it is not just iPhone issue but general PWA issue. What I observe is that if browser window’s width is less than 890px, then app will start in a “mobile mode” (app only), and when width is more than 890px it will start in a "desktop mode’ (with Adalo info and stuff). And app restarts every time browser window width passes this threshold - seems some JS is looking for it. This is reproducible in a desktop browser as well.

I’d agree with @Flawless that only Adalo dev can change this and the best way would be to submit a ticket.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thank you @Victor. That’s a huge help and I will do what @Flawless is recommending.


Thanks for responding. I will reach out to support.

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