Three quick queries

I have a couple of issues that need addressing in my next bug fix update for my client:

  1. When the phone goes into landscape mode, the app goes crazy. Can we restrict the use of the accelerometer or should we just provide a warning to users, considering the lack of responsivity control we have over Adalo apps?

  2. Responsivity again, the app is having issues on the Android pixel 3 among other smaller samsung devices. How do I negotiate keeping things in check for Iphone 11’s & smaller Samsung phones - is this possible? Starting to look like a large issue.

  3. Adding app to homescreen on Google Chrome search engines - is this possible or can it only be done using safari?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Unfortunately, a known bug. We are looking in to ways on how best to address this issue and it should be resolved in the coming 2 weeks.

  2. There are numerous tips and tricks posted on the forums regarding UI design to help with these responsiveness problems. Perhaps try a few searches around the forum and you may find the answer. These are issues we are aware of but it’s a large project that will ake some time to resolve.

  3. I’m not entirely sure what this is about. Could you give a visual example of what you mean here?

Thanks Colin.

Third issue is resolved, I’ll keep playing around responsivity & will remain patient for updates in your end.

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