App Store: Publishing Delays

Hi everyone,

Has anyone experienced difficulties publishing an app in Apple Store? The Android version of my app has been published over a week ago now, and Apple keep coming back asking for more info and delaying the whole process and I can’t launch my app. It’s so frustrating, as I want to launch the app in my hospital this week…

Any suggestions? Help…


Hi @AnnaMedic

The sooner you provide the required info to Apple, the sooner they publish it.

There’s no way around it, and every app is different.


Yes, I provided them with the info last week, think it was on Thursday. Do they review apps on the weekend, or just Mon-Fri?

Trying to estimate when they’ll get back to me.



Sometimes it can take a few days. I’ve been there myself. Nothing to do but wait until they review the information.

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Just be patient and follow all instructions. It will be published. Apple is easier to publish than Android if instructions are adhered.

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I disagree @endieumunna , in my experience, Google has been the easier one with less restrictions. Apple always rejects my apps on the first submission. I can’t even think of a single time that Apple has approved an app on the first submission. Google, on the other hand, has been super easy to get approved.

Overall, I have only had a couple of rejections from Google but a TON from apple.

@AnnaMedic it sucks but you gotta follow Apple’s rules and guidelines, even if that means tweaking the app a few times in order to get it approved. And yeah, it does sometimes take them a week to review. Most of the time, they review within 48 hours though.

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