Google Playstore review time


I guess this is correct place on the forums to discuss this topic.

I have been now waiting for 2 days to Google review my app… and I thought Apple would be the hard one but no. They published my app in under 24 hours.

I did already post on my IG that new app is online so now android users are mad because it’s still not published.

Just wondering how long Google took for you guys?

In my experience, publishing an app for Android takes from 4 to 10 days


Google has been quicker than Apple from my experience and Google is way less strict with its guidelines.

But yeah, averages around 4 to 6 days for me.

Keep in mind that the app stores’ review process is to handle them in the order they are received, so if they happen to get a huge queue of apps to review, it may take longer.

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Okay, thanks for replie. :slight_smile: It’s now day 4 and I just hate this waiting because the Apple is ready and this would be so perfect day to start promoting app. :frowning:

Do you know does Google review the apps during weekends or only on week days? Also is there anything I could do to get it faster done :smiley:

About 5 days.

But do not forget to Provide an active demo account, login information, and all other resources needed to review your app (i.e., login credentials, QR code, etc in case your app has login areas.

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Ouch, thank you! I didn’t remember to add login information when I started the review but I added them now. I guess that doesn’t affect to the current review ??


Every update you make during the release puts you back on the list. So if you submitted the app the day before yesterday and made changes in the console today, it can still take between 5-10 days.

I’ve been waiting for over 2 weeks now, my iOS version has had 5 updates released in that time. I’m just telling my Android users to use the PWA because I’m sorry Google’s process is archaic, they maybe less strict in their guidelines which is probably why this type of thing happens. Apple’s process has been fluid.

Google’s process is so bad that their chat never works, or the call-back feature, so I decided to send a support email into the void without even a confirmation they got it… amateur hour for sure.

I’ll keep waiting however on Play Console but I’m no longer sweating it.

It’s 7:30am locally at the time of this post, you’re telling me ALL agents are busy?

Am I irritated?.. Yes.

Having the same issue with Play Store reviews at the moment. Very irritating when Apple has been faster than ever in the last couple of months.

Have waited 3 weeks for 2 separate apps (1 new release and 1 important update) since August and am currently a week into the review of another app’s update.

These apps are all marked as ‘May appeal to users under 13’ which I think could be affecting review times.

Finally got in contact with Google, let them know how long my app has been in review and they published it within hours.