How long to publish to Google Play Store

I have set up testing, and have that side sorted. I rolled out to production and it just says “In Review” and has for 4 days. I read somewhere 2-7 days, just wondering if this ic common or not?

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Still I didn’t Published any apps on Stores.( Google Play store,Apple Store). But I found this one on the Documentation.

8.) Now you’re ready to send your app to be reviewed by Google and, if all goes well, be published to the Play Store! The review typically takes 2-7 days depending on how many apps Google has in the queue.

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@sammyB54 Hi, congrats submitting to the Playstore. It depends, is the truth, since covid they have slowed down a lot !! Before it was nearly approved on the same day!

Now generally 1 day (ish) for pushed updates to Google Play, and 2-7 for New Apps (usually for me I found 2 days max) . New apps depend on the complexity of the app, and features. Make sure you give login details for the review.

Apple on the other hand, from the very start of the Apple App Store, until 2016 the length of an app review was often very lengthy, which was terrible to schedule releases or set the expectations of clients. Often 10-14 days and I had apps in for weeks! But now its rare not to have your app in review beyond 24-48hrs max…

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Its live finally. does anyone know why or how to change the search term? I dont want it to say

Hey @sammyaji this is your App bundle ID which is your apps identifier for Google play store. Once your app is released this does not change… if you want it to change it’s a new app submission and listing. I would note that Google play store do not show this prominently on your app listing. You see it because you are in Google play console.

Here’s a breakdown of how your keywords are prioritised in Google.

Google Play

  1. App Title: 50 characters
  2. Short Description: 80 characters
  3. Long Description: 4000 characters

Bundle ID does not list in the top 3 keyword fields. So basically your App name and short description are the most important, followed long description. Ranking depends then on Downloads and Ratings. It also takes several days after release for the search engines to propogate even if no other App is called the same as yours. Google also cache search results for speed. So I’d be patient it will show eventually under the title and descriptions you set.


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