In-App Purchases Just Dropped!

Could I please use the clunky version? This is a must for an app I’m planning on building and launching. Thanks!

@anon78309838 Do you have any updates on the IAP subscription component, please?


Following up again to check if we can get any update on when the IAP subscription will be available.

@anon78309838 any update on the IAP subscriptions?

there was a newsletter via email where you could apply for beta access.

Did anyone get access to the beta yet?

Any progress on this topic?

Any update on this IAP subscriptions?

I have an app pretty much abandonned since two years because of this missing feature. I am still paying for Adalo for all this time. But I still see no update on this crucial and basic feature.

Can you please give us an update when we can expect this feature? I will have to cancel my subscription if there is still no info on this topic.

Same here. Still waiting for this to be shipped and no news. However Adalo charged me for the annual subscription which in this context is pretty frustrating.

Is $29/month for less than $1,000 in monthly transactions $49/month for less than $5,000 monthly transactions, $99 for $10,000, etc… a responsible price for a solution to solve the IAP subscription problem until Adalo releases it. If this is acceptable to the no-code community I can probably build that pretty quickly.


If anyone can help, we can get subscriptions working


Do you have a working appstore app as demo? Apple is very picky with inapp subscriptions in app verification process.

Appears the development of this component has been buried? Such a vital component for many of us - oh grief!

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Is anyone else having problems getting this component to work properly? On iOS I am getting an error E_DEVELOPER_ERROR. That is all it says. Adalo support hasn’t been able to help fix this and my ticket is been open for a month.

Do we have some info about it?

Did you solve this problem?

Do you have in the meantime an example. Would help a lot. Thanks

I’m getting the same error E_DEVELOPER_ERROR any fix for it in the meantime?

Can anyone add me to the list of IAP Subscription - I don’t mind this clunky thanks.