APP works on simulator but not on mobile phone

Since a day ago, two applications that I have created, have stopped working correctly on the mobile. They work perfectly in the simulator on the mac, but then when I run them on mobile, some buttons do not respond to the command. But if I do it on the mac, it works correctly. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall on mobiles that did not have the apps, but the same thing happens. Can anyone help me?

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Same problem.

Can you please share the screen with the buttons not working and what’s behind. Do you use the button component out of the box or do you use custom buttons?

Hello, Thank you for your quick response. In this app it is a button, not customized. In the other one it is customized. The actions are u the creation of a record in a collec and the link to another modal. In the other app, the action is to go to another screen page calling previously to an api, creating a weather record and showing in that screen the results.

Frist try to bring the button in the front:

If it is a custom button and the group is not setup correct the clickable area is smaller than the rectangle which is sometime too small on the phone.

Thanks for your answer. suddenly it has solved itself, they are working again without me touching anything, in the two applications. I have the feeling that it must have been a general Adalo problem and that they have already fixed it.
Anyway, I take note of what you tell me and I take it into account for the future. Thank you very much

Had same problem here today. Certain functions on simulator works, and then on PWA on phone doesnt. I went nuts, app was suppose to launch with client today.
Glad it got fixed. Holding thumbs it stays fixed! :hot_face: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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