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Hello I just received a message from Apple about why they rejected my app. Regarding guideline 5.1.1- the user should be able to access the app and browse the content without registering. The login/registration should take place when users perform account-specific actions. You could implement a guest login mechanism or require the login only when the user accesses account based features.
Just was wondering if anyone else received this same type of review and how would i fix it.

Hi Donye,

I have heard this happen to a couple of makers before.

You can solve this issue with the thread below:

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Ok thank you.

Will i be able to put just a button that says guest on the signup/login page for the user or will that not follow the guidelines

You can try that, I never tried tbh.

Ok thank you

I had same problem, I fixed it easy. You just need to create a flow for guest login. For example, add button “guest login” and make some new screens to allow user to browse app. In moment when user wants to take some action (add to cart for example), just make a modal screen with text “only logged in users can add to cart” and you can add button bellow with text “Register now” and when user click it link him on signup screen and that is it.

Ok thank you

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