Keep troubles with Apple Guidelines 2.3.10 Performance

Well, I don’t know if all have same issue with this guideline with Apple review:

" Upon further review, we found the following issue:

We still noticed that your app requires users to register or log in to access features that are not account-based.

Specifically, users should be able to access your app’s content prior to registration/login

Next Steps

To resolve this issue, please revise your app to let users freely access your app’s non account-based features.

Apps may not require users to enter personal information to function, except when directly relevant to the core functionality of the app or required by law.

You should allow users to freely access your app’s non account-based features. For example, an e-commerce app should let users browse store offerings and other features that are not account-based before being asked to register, or a restaurant app should allow users to explore the menu before placing an order. Registration must then only be required for account-specific features, such as saving items for future reference or placing an order."

As @crmorris2 tried to support me in few weeks ago, we keep maintaining problem to publish our App.

So, we made and Signup to validate age but now, Apple’s team told us that Login should permit access, but, we depend on the access of our users in the app to create the shipping orders and display a list with your order.

If we don’t have Login or sign up, our app doesn’t work for deliveries in this part/section because the list is related to the user “logged in”:

I created a mini tutorial and cloneable app for this: Guest to User flow tutorial

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Thank you @Colin We will try your solution for our app and hope that resolve issue.

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