Guest to User flow tutorial

This mini tutorial is in direct response to this thread: Keep troubles with Apple Guidelines 2.3.10 Performance

Apparently, Apple is now denying apps from the store that do not provide a way for Guests to browse your app before needing to register. Here is a quick way you can provide this user experience in Adalo.

What you will need to do is actually create a guest user flow and then when the time comes, update that guest user to a “real” user. This will require a few steps…

  1. Create a signup action from a button that links to your home screen. Here you will need to add a custom formula for the user count + 1 so that each email address and username is unique.

This will essentially log that guest user in. As we have set their name to be guest, we can just use Logged In User > Name as the welcome text and this will show as “Guest” if they are still a Guest, or their name when they are registered as a real user.

  1. Add a modal (or not, completely up to you) that tells the user that an account creation is required for that action. The button should link to a second signup screen.

  2. The secondary signup screen is a form that “Updates the logged in user”

  3. Link back to the home screen after that action and now your guest user’s profile has been converted to a “real” user.

Here is a link to a cloneable project I just created to demonstrate these steps.


Hey @Colin, thanks!

Quick question: should we input this to all existing apps, or the ones that have been accepted are fine with no changes?

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The ones accepted should be fine.

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Thank you! It hope this work.

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Thanks Colin!

Correction: creating a guest user email from user count has a bug - if a guest user is deleted you will get the same an already exising email and the login will fail.

It is worth replacing with a user ID number as this allows using maximum + 1 as the base for a new guest email - and the number will never be the same.


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Good call Dmytro. I have updated the cloneable app for this.


Thanks Colin :raised_hands: :trophy:, #stayawesome

This is great. I’m assuming you’d want a visibility condition so the modal shows up if they’re not fully registered, maybe paired with a T/F user Property of “Guest.” If you’re not a Guest you’d get a different flow from the Add Product button… right? Thanks for doing this and glad I found this before submitting to the App Store.