Apple Requiring Account Delete and Apple ID Requires Revoke Token

My app was rejected from the iOS app store because it did not offer a method to delete a user account which is fine and my bad for missing that requirement in the latest app store requirements. But then I see in the email that the app store team sent me that I need to also call an Apple revoke token API, below, to disassociate the users Apple ID from my app. My app is using the Adalo component for Apple ID sign in which works great. But if there is not something equivalent to revoke the users Apple ID token then the sign in with Apple ID seems pointless. How is anyone able to get their app published without the revoke token capabilities built into Adalo? Does anyone have advice? Is there a workaround? I know the user can manually go into the settings on their Apple device and remove the connection to my app themselves but Appleā€™s doc indicates that is not what they expect. Suggestions? This seems like basic functionality that Adalo should have built with the Apple ID sign-on component.

Revoke tokens | Apple Developer Documentation

Thanks in advance!

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